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Dinner Menu


Stella’s French Onion Soup 8
caramelized onions, melted gruyere, toasted baguette * {gs}

Whipped Pimento Cheese Dip 10
house made pickles, house crackers *{gs}

Happy Cow Buttermilk Crispy Okra Frites 9
sorghum aioli

Stella's 'Fried Rice' 12
crispy pork shoulder, eggplant, aji dolce peppers, carrot puree, harissa, yogurt, scallion, coddled egg * {gs}

Fried Duck Confit 12
cucumber, radish, red onion, carrot, cashew, sesame chili sauce *{gs}

Table Shares

Artisan Cheese Board 22
port poached pears, whipped local honey, pickled cherries, bacon benne seed brittle, house crackers, grilled baguette *{gf}

Stella's Butcher Plate 22
variety of house cured meats, sausages & patés, fennel jam, pickled relish, grainy mustard, bacon jam, citrus mostarda & aji dulce hot sauce, house crackers, grilled baguette *{gf}

Ploughman's Platter 39
a combination of our artisan cheeses, butcher plate, all house accompaniments *{gf}

red star


Fall Apple Salad 12
mixed lettuce, frisee & arugula, grapes, carrot, radish, robiola fresca, pistachio vinaigrette, balsamic reduction *{gf}

Salad Lyonnaise 10
friseé lettuce, sugar cured bacon, egg emulsion, roasted mushrooms, sherry mustard vinaigrette, coddled farmer egg *{gf}

Bibb Lettuce Salad 8
Happy Cow lemon-buttermilk dressing, Tyger River bibb lettuce, croutons & soft herbs {gs}

Beet Salad 12
buttermilk panna cotta, satsuma oranges, ruby red streaks, pink peppercorn, smoked sea salt *{gf}

*{gf} indicates gluten free
*{gs} indicates gluten sensitive
Gluten sensitive can be modified to be gluten free. Please ask your server for details!

red star


Classic Steak Frites 30 *
grilled wagyu steak, pommes frites, maître d’ butter, mixed lettuce *{gs}
~Stella's steak sauce open request

Grilled 12oz New York Strip 36 *
potatoes robuchon, grilled kale, bone marrow foam *{gf}
~Stella's steak sauce open request

Brasserie Burger 16 *
bacon jam, gruyere cheese, house-made b&b pickles, special sauce, pommes frites*{gs}

Asian Seafood Consommé 26
poached scallops, mussels, shrimp, beech mushrooms, cabbage, cilantro, bacon dashi broth *{gf}

NC Fried Catfish 25
hot & sour shiitake, kale, sunflower pesto, shrimp cake *{gs}

Bethel Trails Stuffed Chicken 26
fingerling potatoes, gribiche, smoked onion jam, radicchio, beer mustard *{gs}

Grilled Heritage Farms 12oz Pork Chop 32 *
braised collards, grit cake, pepper jelly, Lexington BBQ, bacon bourbon jus, grit puff *{gs}

Stella’s Signature Shrimp & Grits 26
roasted bell peppers, bacon, creamy smoked grits, roasted tomato jus *{gf}

Seasonal Farm Fresh Vegetable Plate 20
Chef's daily preparation *{gs}

choose a preparation:

red curry, coconut milk, cilantro * {gs}


bacon, whiskey, jalapeno & cream * {gs}

grilled sourdough

Sides 8:

Crescent Farms Braised Collards
bacon, onions, garlic * {gf}

Skillet Seared Mushrooms
smoked butter, toasted brioche crumbs, garlic confit, soft herbs * {gs}

Fried Brussels Sprouts
pickled cranberry, toasted almonds, blue cheese, sherry vinegar * {gs}

Pommes Frites
charred onion aioli, cheese dip *{gs}

red star

Due to the local & seasonal nature of our menus, availability of products & the creativity of our chefs- our menus do change frequently!
Please note our menus are subject to change

Our private room is available for all your group dining needs! Ask your server for more information.

Parties of 6 or more are subject to 20% service charge.

DHEC Advisory: A possible health risk may exist by eating undercooked ground beef at an internal temperature less than 155 degrees Fahrenheit.
Guests who prefer a temperature less than medium well (155 degrees) must be at least 18 years of age.


340 Rocky Slope Road, Suite 100, Greenville, SC 29607

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